Forensic Psychology

The psychologists and mental health specialists at Cordova Counseling Center provide of wide range of adult and juvenile forensic services.  Dr. John E. Bingham, Dr. Brett W. Turner, and Ms. Samuel Taylor are court approved expert witnesses in mental health issues, sexual offense crimes, and neuropsychological evaluation in civil and criminal cases. These cases are typically referred by a court order, or by the request of an attorney involved in the case.  However, if you have questions about how these services could assist in your case, please call Cordova Counseling Center for more information.

Cordova Counseling Center also offers a wide range of post-conviction treatment services that are approved by the State of Florida Department of Corrections, as well as the Federal Bureau of Prisons and Federal Probation.  Once a defendant is convicted, the court often requires the defendant to enroll in specialized treatment services.  These services may include outpatient substance abuse treatment, domestic violence counseling, DUI counseling, life skills training, parenting skills education and counseling, transitional mental health counseling, anger management counseling, theft and criminal mischief counseling, and sexual offender counseling.  The counselors and specialists at Cordova Counseling Center have a wide range of experience in these specialty areas.