Pain Management

Cordova Counseling Center provides a wide range of services for people who suffer from chronic pain.  If you suffer from Chronic Pain, you know that pain is both a physical and an emotional experience.  Pain causes emotional reactions such as fear, stress, anxiety, and even depressive thinking.  Research has proven that the brain can learn to manage the sensation of pain.  In fact, pain is usually made better with the addition of behavioral medicine interventions to your normal medical treatment.  Research has shown that the most effective Chronic Pain treatment programs include treating both physical symptoms and emotional stress.

Cordova Counseling Center's Pain Management Program employs a variety of methods to help you manage your pain.  We also coordinate your care with your treating physicians and medical providers.  The goals of our program include: improving your understanding of pain; improving your level of physical activity; improving your pain and stress coping skills; reducing reliance on pain medications when appropriate; and improving your overall mood and relationships with others.

You can be referred by your physician, or you may contact us directly and we'll do the rest.  The program begins with a neuropsychological pain evaluation and consultation with Dr. Brett Turner or Dr. Randi McDonald. We identify any link or interaction between emotional stress and your physical illness, and provide you and your treating physician with treatment recommendations.  Then an individualized treatment program will be designed for your specific needs, and may include interventions such as: pain and wellness education; individual or group psychotherapy; pain support group meetings; biofeedback training; relaxation and self-hypnosis training; and other health and wellness interventions.  While a cure for pain is sometimes not possible, most participants of our program indicate that they have been able to manage their pain more effectively, and in turn, get back to living a happier and more active life. 

Don't delay if you have Chronic Pain.  Have your treating physician make a formal referral to our program, or contact us to schedule a consultation.