Cordova Counseling Center is excited to offer a new, faith-based mental health and wellness program to local churches and religious organizations in Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties.  One of our nation’s most serious crises is the lack of access to medical and mental health care that many individuals and families truly need. In addition, the availability of faith-based services is also lacking.  In fact, pastors across the country commonly indicate that meeting the emotional and mental health needs of their congregation is one of their fastest growing areas of concern. The psychologists and mental health counselors at Cordova Counseling Center are addressing these needs in our local area.
The Congregation Assistance Plan we are now offering has been designed to assist those individuals, couples, and families in your religious organization who have no mental health insurance coverage, or whose coverage is insufficient. Counseling and psychotherapy services can be available for as low as half the typical rates for psychotherapy that range from $100 to $145 per session in our geographical area. In addition to private counseling and psychotherapy, Cordova Counseling Center offers a number of group therapy and psycho-education classes that are available at a significantly reduced rate, including:
Anger Management Skills Classes – 10 week course
Substance Abuse Education - 7 week course
Substance Dependence /Addiction Outpatient Treatment - 15 week group therapy
Parenting Skills Classes – 6 to 8 hours
Pain Management / Coping Skills Enhancement – 4 psycho-education classes
*These are just a few of the group services that we provide.
Our staff psychologists and counselors include a practicing worship leader and a church bible study and divorce recovery group leader.  Our counselors are all active in their faith and members of local churches.  Because of this experience, we understand the difficulties that many churches have in meeting the emotional needs of their members. While a strong faith and spiritual connection provides the basis for good mental health, in some cases a structured approach to mental health care is also required.  Cordova Counseling Center is a multidisciplinary mental health and wellness clinic that specializes in addressing these needs. We are able to help provide the congregational care that typically is beyond scope of traditional pastoral care. Our services include traditional mental health care for psychological disorders in addition to preventive mental health and wellness care. We use a faith-based approach, when appropriate, in combination with research proven counseling and psychotherapy techniques to develop the most effective plan that addresses the needs of each individual person. In cases where a severe psychiatric disorder is present, we can provide the necessary practical care and support as well as coordinate medical treatment with physicians and psychiatrists.  Some our areas of expertise include: 
Depression and Anxiety
Spiritual and Life Confusion and Conflicts                                 
Relationship and Intimacy Problems
Medical and Behavioral Health Concerns         
Neuropsychological Services for Dementia and Brain Injury
Learning Disabilities and ADHD / ADD
Grief and Loss
Work and Career Issues
Stress Management
Addiction & Recovery
Parenting and Family Issues
Sexual Abuse
Conflict Resolution
Obsessive-Compulsive Symptoms
Weight Management
Chronic Pain Management
Smoking Cessation
Adolescent and Teen Adjustment Problems
To receive services under this program, you must be an active member of your church congregation, and you must be referred by your church adminstrative office.  All services are confidential, and you will not be required to discuss your needs with any church employee or personnel.  Church staff will only facilitate the referral.  While most mental health and wellness services are covered under this plan, the Congregational Assitance Plan does not cover the cost of formal psychological testing or neuropsychological evaluations.  In addition, the services rendered under this plan do not cover required counseling, evaluations or treatment resulting from a court order.

If you would like Cordova Counseling Center to provide these services to your membership, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We will be happy to discuss with your church / organizational leader how to become a member of the Congregational Assistance Program.