PTSD and Trauma Survivors

Cordova Counseling Center provides specialty services to individuals and families who have experienced trauma.  Whether the experience was combat related, as with some of our war veterans, or the experience was a domestic situation in which a traumatic or dangerous situation was confronted, we are equipped to help you with this problem.  Several of our clinical staff have certified training in working with those who are suffering from the symptoms of PTSD and Emotional Trauma.  We provide Critical Incident Stress Management services to private companies and individuals, and we also work with the victims of the traumatic experience  to help them overcome the debilitating effects of the experience. 

A variety of techniques are used to help the person overcome the symptoms arising from the trauma.  Recent research has proven that Prolonged Exposure Therapy is one of the most effective treatment techniques for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and trauma related psychological problems.  Our specialists are trained in this treatment method, and have many years of experience in this area.  There are also certain situations where another treatment approach would be more effective, and during your initial meeting with the counselor or psychologist of your choice, the different treatment options are discussed and explained.  There's no need to suffer as a survivor of trauma.  Let us help you learn how you can cope more effectively with the symptoms that arise from your experience.  The nightmares, insomnia, anxiety and depression can all be treated, and you can regain control over your life.  Contact us today for more information.